Conference 2018, November, Pravets / 2018-11-16

The BGOUG Autumn Conference will be held November 16 - 18, 2018 in hotel RIU Pravets Resort.



The event is organized with the kind support of our partners:



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Conference packages and terms for participation 


Speakers and Topics - draft list


Database and Server Technology 

  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager, ORACLE, Data Masking in MySQL Enterprise 5.7 and 8
  • Julian Dontcheff , Managing Director, Accenture Global Database Lead, Accenture Enkitec Group, Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) for DBAs
  • Roy Swonger, VP Database Upgrade & Utilities, ORACLE, Migrate a 230+TB Database Cross-Platform in Less Than a Day
  • Roy Swonger, VP Database Upgrade & Utilities, ORACLE, Upgrade to Oracle Database 18c: Live and Uncensored!
  • Gurmeet Goindi, Master Product Manager, ORACLE, Oracle Exadata- Laying the foundation for Autonomous Database
  • Krasimir Kovachki, Performance Enginer, Fadata Ltd., Rapid Home Provisioning (RHP) - next level of Oracle Automation
  • Roger Macnicol, Software Architect, ORACLE, So, my query plan says "Table Access Full" - what happens next?
  • Roger Macnicol, Software Architect, ORACLE, Understanding Oracle External Tables
  • Tim Hall , DBA / Developer,, DBA Does Docker
  • Priit Piipuu Piipuu, Database developer, Kindred Group, Oracle Database high availability from the client perspective
  • Ilmar Kerm , Senior Database Administrator, Kindred Group, Oracle Database infrastructure as code with Ansible
  • Michael Bialik, Application DBA, Identification of inefficient SQL data access
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf 


Design and Development 

  • Tim Hall , DBA / Developer,, Cool New Features for Developers in 18c and 12c
  • Bryn Llewellyn, Distinguished Product Manager, ORACLE, #SmartDB & EBR - The Perfect Marriage
  • Bryn Llewellyn, OAK Table, Distinguished Product Manager, ORACLE, How To Mark Up PL/SQL Source Text After A Code Coverage Run
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Blockchain a primer
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, The application of blockchain technologies to build faith and trust in the criminal justice system
  • Kuassi Mensah, Director, Product Management, ORACLE, Optimizing the Performance & Scalability of Java Applications that use an RDBMS
  • Kuassi Mensah, Director, Product Management, ORACLE, Reactive Programming: A New Asynchronous Database Access API
  • Martin Toshev, IT Consultant, BG Java User Group, Java Security Animated
  • Oren Nakdimon , Database Developer/DBA, Moovit, Constraint Optimization (or "The Difference One Comma Can Make")
  • Oren Nakdimon , Database Developer/DBA, Moovit, Oracle SQL Pattern Matching Made Easy


Cross Stream (Middleware, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management )

  • Gurmeet Goindi, Master Product Manager, ORACLE, Oracle Exadata: Achieving Memory-Level Performance
  • Christian Berg , Managing Director, Dimensionality, 
    Francesco Tisiot , Bi Tech Lead, Rittman Mead, WORKSHOP Oracle Analytics Cloud from A to Z
  • Francesco Tisiot , Bi Tech Lead, Rittman Mead, Visualizing Streams
  • Gianni Ceresa , Managing Director, DATAlysis, Pimp your DevOps with Docker: An Oracle BI Example
  • Gianni Ceresa , Managing Director, DATAlysis, GDPR & You: The Nightmare of BA


Business and Strategy

  • Neno Shirtev, Global Applications Lead - Europe, Sensata Technologies Bulgaria Ltd, Powering the organization with new capabilities. How to do it in just 6 months


 - Oracle ACE Director,  - Oracle ACE,  - Oracle ACE Associate


Call for papers - open until 30.09.2018 

For the forthcoming conference we are looking for topics in the following areas of interest, related to Oracle products and technologies:


  • Database Administration and Tuning
  • Design and Development
  • Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems )
  • Middleware (Business Intelligence, Content Management )
  • Oracle Applications
  • Case studies and success stories


If you have experience related to any of these topics we would love to hear from you. Please submit your presentation proposals HERE.


It is preferable the duration of the presentations to be 60 minutes including the time for Q&A.

A free pass for the conference sessions will be offered to a speaker only for full time presentations, with educational, technical or practical orientation and with no product positioning. A free conference pass would not be offered for a marketing or vendor presentation. BGOUG offers a free conference pass to one speaker per conference presentation. All speakers have to send their presentations in PDF, ZIP, RAR format after the conference.

The BGOUG Agenda team will approve the submitted presentations on a monthly basis. At each meeting the sessions with majority votes will be approved, the rest will be reviewed at the next meeting. For more information, please contact the agenda team info at


Partners packages 

We are open for varienty of cooperation with our partners. Please contact us at to discuss it in detail.


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